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Now, let's talk about the nine basic Rolex materials. First up, we've got Oyster steel. This is Rolex’s own superalloy and basically, it's a 904L steel that is resistant to corrosion. It's a very distinctive feature of Rolex because they patented in 1950 and it was something that just stood out from all the other watches out there. The next material we have is Rolesor. This is the combination of Oyster steel and gold in a two-tone Rolex replica. Next up, we've got Everose 18 karat gold. This is a rose gold that gets a unique color from added silver and copper and doesn't lose its color.

we've got yellow 18 karat gold. This is Rolex’s own gold alloy with an iconic color. Next up, we've got white 18 karat gold. This is Rolex’s white gold that many people think seems to radiate light. Next up we've got platinum. Rolex replica watch uses a 950 Platinum which basically means we've got 950 thousands of platinum and it's generally combined with a little bit of ruthenium.

we've got Cerachrom. This is fake rolex proprietary ceramic that they use in their bezels. It's scratch-proof and UV-proof, so the color won't fade. Next up, we've got precious stones. You're going to find these on higher-end Rolexes and they use a wide variety of the different precious stones out there, diamonds being the most common. And finally, we've got Chromalight. This is fake Rolex’s lume. Basically, it looks white in the daytime, but it glows blue in the dark. So now, let's talk specifically about the bezels.

There are six types of bezels you're going to see on a Rolex. First up, you've got the plain bezel. You're going to see that in steel and precious metals. Number two on our list, we've got the fluted bezel. You're only going to see that in precious metals.

you've got the engraved fixed bezels. You're only going to see this on the Explorer II and the Daytona Cosmograph. Next, you've got the rotating bezel with inserts. This is used on professional watches. And then, you've got rotating precious metal bezels. You're going to see this on the sporty, but elegant watches such as the Yacht-Master.

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