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The company was founded in 1905. It was founded as Wilsdorf and Davis, but it was renamed to Rolex because this name was thought actually just to sound better in multiple languages. But, as cool as the name sounds, people aren't just going to buy a watch because it says Rolex especially when it hasn't established itself as a brand. So, in 1926, they made a really smart decision.

There was a woman that swam across the English Channel, but a lot of people doubted, so she went to do it again. And when she did it the second time, Rolex replica watch was there. They actually got her to wear a necklace with a Rolex watch right there.

Now, she ended up getting like within a few hundred feet of actually finishing it, so in 1926, you had basically the waterproof watch. They put that on the map. And not resting on their laurels, in 1931, they created the first self-winding caliber called The Perpetual. And, in 1945, Rolex replica created the first watch with a date on it called the Datejust and this was caliber 740. And, in 1953, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary are the first men to climb Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world and guess what they’re wearing? You got it, a Rolex. And, continuing to push boundaries in 1960, Rolex actually had a watch taken down to the lowest point on earth. It was called The Challenger Deep and it went down to 10,911 meters.

In 1963, Rolex creates the first racing chronograph, the Daytona. And in perhaps the most important decade in Rolex’s entire history the 1970’s, we saw this company rebrand itself. Not since they took on the name Rolex have they done something so smart which is to say we're not just about telling time, we are a status piece we are a symbol of luxury goods. Why did they have to do this? The quartz crisis. So, we had all this cheap quartz watches flooding the market and guess what? People all of a sudden have an inexpensive watch that tells them very accurate time better time than this, so Rolex took a step back said, what are these watches really about? And if you're looking to buy a luxury watch right now, I bet it is something it's not about the time, it's about simply what does when you look at this watch what does it tell you about your time about the time that you've got left and your association with time, that's why men get into luxury watches.

Now, if you're going to buy a luxury watch, you need to know a little bit about terminology, so let's talk about all the various pieces. First up, we've got the case. The case is the body of the watch. It houses all the internal moving parts. Now, almost all Rolex watches have a solid screw down case back and this sets them apart from a lot of less expensive watches where you see actually and use a snap-on case back or external screws.

Next up, let's talk about the crown. The crown is an external knob that's on the side. It's used to wind and stop the watch and/or adjust the time and date. It’s marked often with a crown logo with Rolex and for Rolexes, they’re screwed automatically onto the case making them waterproof. Next up, you've got the watch glass. And the watch glass is the transparent convex crystal that covers the face of the watch. Since the 1970’s, Rolex has been using a synthetic sapphire crystal to make their watch glasses. Next up, we've got the bezel. And the bezel is the outer ring that seals the case. Now, when you hear the word bracelet, this is going to be the band that attaches the case and holds it to your wrist. Next up, we've got lugs. These are the protruding edges of the watch itself that attach to the bracelet. Now, when people say model, what they're referring to is the outer design of the watch. The reference number will tell you the year and version as well as the caliber. And so, what's the caliber? The movement the caliber, that's the type of mechanics inside the watch. Next up, we've got the concealed clasp, the crown clasp. That's a clasp that’s concealed under the bracelets link. Basically, it makes the bracelet look like a continuous loop. And, let's talk about the Cyclops lens. If you're going to buy a Rolex with a date, you're probably going to see that Cyclops lens.